Care and Repair

Congratulations on your next step towards Funformance™

Before you start shredding, here are some helpful tips and suggestions to keep your board looking, feeling, and surfing the way it should. 

For general care of your JJF by Pyzel surfboard keep it out of direct sunlight as well as high temperatures for an extended time period. This maintains the color of the board as well as prevents any bubbling or delaminating due to excessive heat.

Your surfboard should be kept in a cool, dry place and rinsed with fresh water after use. Do not leave your board inside of a car for a long period of time and we highly suggest using a board bag, sock and/or padding for transportation and storage! 

For any dings or punctures through the board that exposes foam or allows water to penetrate through the glassing, use sandpaper and epoxy surfboard resin to ensure the ding is sealed from water, adheres to the board, and is sanded for a smooth finish. 

Shop Ding All Epoxy Repair kits on our Surfboard Repair page for more help with small, medium, or large ding repair. 

JJF by Pyzel surfboards are covered by a manufacturer defect warranty but are not subject to warranty due to user damage such as dings, tears, dents, bending, breaking, etc. 

For further questions or concerns feel free to contact us at and don't forget to wear a leash, practice surf etiquette and have fun! 

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