Setting up your fins.

Fins can make a huge difference to the performance of a board. For shortboards, a quad setup will be a bit more stable and help you get the feel of turns if you re just starting out, and they are fun for advanced surfers as well . Thruster setups pivot and turn a bit sharper and are good for when you progress a bit more. For our longboards, a thruster setup is ideal as the board is larger and stable enough to learn and then progress on. 

Below is a simple guide to fin installation if you are just starting out. All of our boards come with genuine Futures™ boxes and we recommend Futures fins for ease of use as well as performance and quality. 



1. Seat the notch at the back of the fin around the rear pin.

2. Push the front of the fin down into the finbox.
(Make sure the finscrew is loosened enough to seat
the fin flush into the box)
3. Tighten the finscrew gently until you feel resistance.
Do not over tighten as you can strip the box!
4. Repeat on all fins. Larger fins go on the outside and always
face the flat portion towards the inside of the board. For quad
setups the smaller fins go in the two rear boxes (see below). 

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